Why Solar?

There are many reasons why solar/photovoltaic is the right solution for businesses and institutions. Two of the most important are economics and the environment. A third is reliability. With a solar system, you’ll not only lower your utility costs and hedge against future rate increases, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the environmental impacts of power generation.

Depending on the system you choose, you can reduce your electric costs by up to 90% or eliminate your bill entirely. And with the significant incentives available, your payback can be five years or less. The time has come! Solar is an attractive and affordable solution. And PPA Partners can help you find the best solar electric solution for your situation.

Reliable Power
Solar is the number one choice when power reliability is a concern. The first systems built in the 1950s are not only still functional, they still produce significant power. When NASA needed trouble-free, durable power for the space race, satellites and exploration of other planets, scientists turned to solar.

Solar electric systems are completely automatic. They have no moving parts; they’re virtually maintenance free. And with a supplemental inverter and battery backup, you can keep your lights on in the event of a blackout or an emergency.