PPA Benefits

A power purchase agreement through PPA Partners offers numerous benefits. Each agreement is customized to optimize your financial situation. But all of our agreements provide you with a range of benefits

Solar at no out of pocket cost!
PPA Partners can install a solar generation system at your site that won’t impact your balance sheet. With no out of pocket costs, you’ll only pay for the electricity generated at your facility.

Protection against future rate increases
Power can be purchased below utility rates at the outset, and your power purchase agreement locks in the rate for the duration of the term. You’ll be able to accurately forecast your power costs for many years to come.

Manage your costs
Savings from your system can start immediately and increase every year. Our escalation rate is traditionally 2% below utility averages.

Reduce peak demand charges
Peak energy demands typically occur in the middle of the workday and during summer months – the exact times solar produces the most electricity. To be conservative, demand reduction savings are not calculated into our numbers, but the positive net effect translates into additional savings to you, every year of your contract.

Limited risk
With a PPA, you’ll have limited operational risk because operations and maintenance are handled by professionals. You’ll also have minimal performance risk because production risks are assumed by PPA Partners.

Contract end options
We offer flexible programs at the end of your contract.